March 14, 2011

DIY? Me?

I have to toot my own horn for a moment.
I am not the most crafty person.  Seriously, I would much rather just go to Etsy and buy a homemade item than try and make it because it usually never turns out.  
When it came to a mobile for Maggie's nursery, I knew exactly what I wanted.  But, I wasn't able to just go out and buy it, or even order it online… I had to make it myself.  (Eeek!)   My inspiration came from Young House Love.  I wanted my daughter to have a Whimsical Nursery Mobile just like theirs.  
Their step by step tutorial made it seem so easy it gave me the courage to try and tackle it myself.  
Well, here is Maggie's very own Whimsical nursery mobile made by yours truly!  I am so proud of myself!
I ended up having to hot glue the flowers on instead of using Tacky glue.  
I love them so much, I got a little picture happy.  

The full view, crib and all.
Oh, don't mind Snuggle Puppy.  He is keeping the crib warm for Maggie until she gets here.  
(The hubbs loves this dog.  Absolutely loves it.  Thank you Hudgins Family!)

So there you have it, proof that I can be crafty.  I can't get over how it actually turned out; I really surprised myself.  I still get giddy everytime I walk in the nursery and see them above the crib.  Yay for a DIY Whimsical Nursery Mobile!  Yay for a DIY Whimsical Nursery Mobile made by me!
Can I get a virtual high five, please?  : )


Laura said...

That is so cute Sarah! *High Five*
Love Snuggle Puppy too!

Dale Underwood said...

Adorable mobiles, what a cute idea and you are VERY crafty, may call you Martha Stewart Jr.


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