July 21, 2010

Can I Brag For A Moment?

A year later and our water heater was still broken from when we first moved into the house.  We had called our realtor and they sent someone out to fix it.  The hubbs was home with me when the guy randomly showed up to fix it.  We were surprised and relieved when we discovered he spoke English.  We were able to tell him exactly what was going on.  After looking at the water heater, he came down from our attic to tell us a part needed to be ordered and once it came in, he would be back to fix it.  Well, a few weeks later we had heard nothing from our realtor and we had no more surprise visits from the Mr. Fix-It dude.  We called our realtor and he told us they had decided to use a different company and to be expecting a phone call from them to set up and appointment.  
Insert brag numero uno-
The house phone rang, I had a little panic moment, I took a deep breath, then answered the phone.  The lady on the other end started talking and I of course had no idea what she was saying.  I calmly asked if she spoke English {in German no less}.  She got someone on the phone who did, and I then confidently set up the appointment when someone would come fix the water heater.  I hung up the phone, then proceeded to do a happy feet dance!  
-End brag numero uno.
I set a reminder on my phone for the day the appointment was scheduled. Yesterday when my phone started going off, my stomach dropped.  Concerns started racing through my head.  I knew the hubbs wouldn't be able to be here with me when the new Mr. Fix-It came.  {He is testing for Staff Sergeant today!} I was a little concerned about that.  Would the new Mr. Fix-It speak English?  And would I have another scenario like the first one last July?  Ugh.  
This morning I was up and ready to meet and face the new Mr. Fix-It.  When the doorbell rang, my heart started racing.  I opened the door and came face to face with the non-English speaking, possibly homicidal, water-heater Mr. Fix-It from last year.  Commence freak out!
Insert Brag numero dos-
 For a second I panicked.  Holy crapy!  The new Mr. Fix-It is scary dude from last year!  Then I told myself, "Self, you can do this!  Put your big girl pants on do this!"  We said good morning to each other, then I helped him carry all of his stuff upstairs to the attic.  I was very calm while he was here.  I sat in my office {which is right next to the ladder leading up to the attic} doing my morning routine, drinking my coffee checking my e-mails and what not.  About thirty minutes later, I came downstairs to refill my coffee when I heard the kinda new Mr. Fix-It descending down the ladder.  I came out of the kitchen and there he was with his equipment in tow.  I asked him {in German no less} if everything was ok.  He smiled and said yes.  I said "danke" over and over.  {Mainly because I was so excited to have my hot water heater working again.}  I walked him to the door, we said "tschüs", and he was gone.  Commence happy feet dance!  
I did it!  I did it!  I did it!  I was, and still am, so flipping proud of myself!  I did it!
-End brag numero dos.


Debra Lee said...

Ich bin eine Frau...Hear me roar!

morethanthestarsinthesky said...

Love your blog!



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