July 14, 2010


I love days like today.

I love waking up early so I can get a head start on getting ready for the day.
I love sitting down with my cup of coffee checking my email, and reading blogs.
I love discovering new blogs.
I love reading each and every post in the archived section of new found blogs.
I love knowing that my "the hubbs" is fast asleep upstairs.
I love knowing that he is getting to sleep in, because he hasn't had the chance to do just that in a while.
I love knowing "the hubbs" is getting to sleep in because, he has to work this weekend.
I love that "the hubbs" is on alert today.  
I love being able to spend a week day together because, it just seems so much more special to spend a Wednesday with him when he would normally be working.
I love that I was supposed to be ready hours ago, but instead I am on my third cup of coffee reading new blogs and writing a post on a whim.
I love that me and "the hubbs" have a to-do list the size of Texas, and yet he is still snoozing and I am still in my pajamas enjoying the day that the Lord blessed me with, not worrying about cleaning out my office.
I love my sweet baby boys, Bear & Moose.
I love my "the hubbs".

I love days like today.


Debra Lee said...

I love.....too!

Britney Jean said...

i love this post!


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