January 30, 2010

'til summer comes around

my dearest husband,
we went sledding today.
there was a huge group of us all that went.
nathan or wes would follow everyone who was sledding down the hill in the truck, and when we all got to the bottom we would all pile back into the truck and they would take us back up to do it again.
the process happened for hours, over & over.
i had a blast.
everyone was smiling and laughing.
it was a great time.
but, you know what i kept thinking about?
i was remembering the night you, me, and the boys went out in our backyard and played in the snow right before you left. 
even though you hate the cold and you aren't a big fan of snow, you went out with me any way because you know how much i love snow.
you know how giddy i get when i see snow.
i wish you could have been out there with us today.  i wish we could have sled down the hill together.
but, it's ok. 
 i know that soon enough you will be wrapping your arms around me and holding me tight.
i love you, hubbs

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