January 24, 2010

Find My Way Back

Remember that adventure the pups and I went on?
Remember I said I would tell you about it?

Well, we moseyed on back to Nashville!
That's right.  The pups and I are back home while the hubbs is gone.
We will be here for the entire duration of his deployment.
The hubbs and I decided it would be best if I was surrounded by my support system.
{And I don't think I could stand being alone in a haunted house for so long.}
I must say, it has really helped me.

Hey, Hey Nashville!  I'm back!


Debra Lee said...

I am glad you are here!

Brian said...

Enjoy your stay baby, ill see you in a few months.
I Love You

Britney Jean said...

yay! that's a good decision! :)

Natalie said...

Awwwh that comment above made my heart pitter-patter :]

Amy said...

That's great to hear. I'm sure it will be nice to be home while he's away! And guess what. I'm gonna be married to my airman in 5 months. And then 3 months after that, he's being deployed. I hope I can be strong like you! :)


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