December 16, 2009

Let It Snow

It finally snowed here in Germany! 
We got probably a little over an inch on Saturday night and it snowed off and on all day Sunday. 

I am pleasantly surprised that snow is still {kind of} on the ground.
{You know, being from Tennessee, if it snows, it all melts away within a few hours.} 
I was so freaking excited when I woke up Sunday morning!  I got the dogs up, fed them & all that jazz.  Then the three of us headed upstairs to wake the hubbs up.   We all piled into the bed {even the dogs}, and just laid there watching the snow fall outside. 
I then voted and everyone else lost that we were all going outside to play in the snow as a family. 

Moose seems to really enjoy the snow.  Actually, really enjoys eating the snow.

Bear on the other hand, hates the snow!  He doesn't want anything to do with it.

Yay for snow!


Debra Lee said...

Send some our way!


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