December 12, 2009

I Survived

I emerged from the Christmas party last night alive & without any battle wounds. Just like anything I build up in my mind, it wasn't that bad. Now, before you jump to any conclusions, I didn't have the most wonderful time of my life & "I couldn't have danced all night." Actually, I didn't even dance. But, it wasn't the most horrific experience.
The dress that I wore was actually pretty comfy. {I did end up having to tape my dress to me, but it made me feel a little more comfortable. You know, that way I wasn't like, "Hey guys I'm Sarah, and these are my boobs."} I also chose to wear flats that way I wasn't towering over the hubbs and it, in a sense, made me feel like I was wearing my oh so wonderful flip flops.

I must brag though, the hubbs looked sharp! Other than when he has to wear his Blues, I really don't get to see him dressed up that often.

But back to the party…
We of course made the rounds mingling. There were, as expected, a few conversations that would make anyone standing near blush with second hand embarrassment. {Not on our part of course, but the other person's.} I even threw in a few little one liners during appropriate times in some conversations, which went over quite well.
The food wasn't that great. All of the meat they served was really dry even when you flooded it in sauce. Oh well.
They played Dirty Santa and had door prizes as well. We ended up winning a bottle of wine! Woo-hoo!
There was a really great part to the night. The party was held at a castle on top of a hill/mountain thing, so because it was so high up, the rain that we experienced at the bottom of the hill had turned to snow by the time we got to the top! None of the snow stuck, but one person was able to make "the year's first snowball." I was so giddy walking through the snow fall with the castle lit up. It was a beautiful sight!
We ended up leaving the party fairly early in the night. We left around ten or so, and got back to the house around eleven. All in all, it was a good night. Not great, but not bad either.

I must add, the hubbs was a little bothered by my previous post. He said that I would probably hurt some feelings of the people who he worked with if they saw what I had written. My response was of course, "No one reads my blog from Germany or your squadron; therefore, no hurt feelings." Well let me throw it out there...
...If any of you are reading that are from the 86th, I stand corrected.



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