December 19, 2009

i sure do like your Christmas cookies, sugar.

the hubbs and I are in the Christmas Spirit this weekend.
we baked & decorated Christmas cookies.
we blared Christmas music while we were baking.
and it snowed again.

{please excuse our cookie decorating headquarters.  we don't have a kitchen table, so our coffee table substituted.}

bear dog with his watchful eye & hoping spirit that we would drop something.

this is my favorite cookie.  he was originally supposed to be a gingerbread man, but instead, i turned him into the abominable snowman.
"yeti,I am the yeti!"

it's Christmas time at the Fox Haus!
we also went to Heidelberg today.  i will let yall know how that trip went tomorrow.
what have you done so far this weekend?  are you in the Christmas Spirit yet?



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