December 20, 2009

it's all part of the experience honey

an hour and a half drive.
temperatures in the teens.
frostbitten fingers and toes.
two swank steak sandwiches.
and one cup of gluhwein.

that was our trip to Heidelberg's Christmas market.
i didn't care how cold it was outside, i was determined to go to a Christmas market this year & try some gluhwein.
the poor hubbs agreed.
so off we went.

 let me just throw it out there that i am so freaking proud of the hubbs. he was able to navigate through the pedestrian packed streets of Heidelberg without a GPS.

we parked, we bundled up, and we walked.
we didn't have to walk too far, but frostbite took a hold of us just after a few minutes.
it was unbearable.
the hubbs got two swank steak sandwiches, i got my cup of gluhwein and then we blew that popsicle stand.
we can now say we have been to a Christmas market and had gluhwein.
i even kept my cup that held my mulled wine.
{i paid my deposit for the cup. no worries.}

exciting, huh?


Debra Lee said...

Well at least you tired! Bet it was fun anyway...and beautiful.


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