October 27, 2009

Somebody's Watching Me

The hubbs and I went to the gym yesterday. 
Now, I have to be honest, I have very, very low self confidence, so being at the gym surrounded by a whole bunch of people while I try to work on my arms isn't my ideal happy place. 
So, while we are pumping some iron, I notice a chick staring at me.  Like, really staring.  I would make eye contact with her to let her know that I had caught her, but she just continued to stare. 
I asked the hubbs if there was something on me that made me look monstrous or something and he said, "No, you look fine."  Well, I couldn't just take his word for it.  I look over in the mirror to see if the hubbs had missed something. 
Nope, he hadn't.  I just looked like my normal self.  But still, this chick continued to stare. 
The woman left the weight room before we did, but of course, she had to turn and get one more look at what I was doing. 
Seriously now?  Come on lady!  I am not the effing Bloody Ghost of Christmas Past!  I am not going to run over there & bite you, and  I am not going to jump up and do a little jig for you either. 

I just don't get it.  I thinking staring is sooooo rude!  It drives me up a freaking wall. 
What do you think? 
Do you stare? 
Does it drive you crazy if someone is constantly staring at you? 
Do share.


Splunkit22 said...

Lol well after reading the last one, I figured id at least leave something. But don't feel bad, nobody comments mine either. But I'll get phone calls about it lol. Im like why dont you leave a comment then?! haha! Anyway, back on the subject, I have a horrible habit of staring at people. Mostly for different reasons. It may be at a girl, because I like what I see, or I'm appalled at what I see lol. I esp stare at people's smiles. If they have great teeth, im like, "Ok theyre cool." And if they have bad teeth, I'm just oddly fascinated with what caused them to have such bad teeth lol. And when I notice people staring at me, I just burst out into a stupid little dance of some sort. And then tell them, " Hey, I'm just trying to be more entertaining while you're staring at me!" So my advice, next time you see somebody staring, do something crazy and/or stupid. It'll make you laugh, and hopefully them too.

Debra Lee said...

Well, I would have gone over to her and introduced myself. "Do we know each other? I noticed you staring and thought you must have recognized me from some where." Or, maybe she was envious!! You got it going on girl! tee hee

Cat said...

I hate it when people stare! I always have the same reaction as you did thinking that there is something on me or something. But I agree with Debra Lee, if you see her again you should ask her!! Hope it gets better though!

gatornation158 said...

Nxt time you see her stair at her the whole time lol see how she likes it!! Then if she says anything you can tell her Im from P-town, USA that means i will put a boot in your #$&!

April Merritts said...

That is creepy...
I do tend to stare a bit. But only if there's something interesting about them (weird hair, lip ring, etc.). And, only for a short amount of time, you know? But if they see me staring, I freaking look away!
I don't intend to be a creeper by staring...I'm just observing.
But this chick at the gym...that's just crazy...and weird....and creepy.
Hopefully you two aren't at the gym at the same time again.

EvilAngel1 said...

Wow. That would've just freaked me out. I absolutely hate people that have to stare at me for long periods of time. But on another note maybe she's a lesbian and she likes what she see's. Your a beautiful girl Sara. Or on another note maybe she's just likes what she see's and she envies you. Next time you see her walk up to her and say I could't help but notice the way you were staring at me the last time I was here do we know each other and maybe she will fill u in on her reasons for staring.


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