October 28, 2009

Who's There?

I have a little something to share with yall.  Perhaps a confession mixed with a story.
Sometime last week, the dogs and I were chillin downstairs.  I had just got done cleaning the house so I was taking a breather.  While I am sprawled out on the couch, Moose starts freaking out.  I of course tell him everything is ok and to calm down, but he doesn't.  Then Bear starts to freak out. 
{A few things are running through my head at this point.  My dogs are cracked out, or our ghost is about to make an appearance, or I am just losing my mind.}
  As I am trying to control my doggies, all three of us hear something.  The sound that we heard terrifies me.  The doorbell.  My dogs are still going crazy mind you.  Barking, growling, I'm talking the whole nine yards.  And what am I doing? 
I am hiding. 
I know you are thinking I am a nut, but let me explain. 
One of our very first days in our house, someone had to come fix our water heater.  The hubbs had to go run some errands so I was left at the house to start unpacking.  It turned out that the repair dude came to the house while the hubbs was gone.  I was terrified!  Not only was I alone with a stranger in my house, the man could not speak a lick of English!  So, he is standing in my doorway rambling on about goodness knows what, and there I am, thinking that this dude came to kill me or something. 
Even though I am still here to tell the tale, I am traumatized.  I refuse to answer the door or the phone if I am home alone. 
I am a pansy.


Debra Lee said...

A nut? No! Part of a "bowl of granola?" Maybe.....

brittnate said...

Sarah, seriously get you darn big girl panties out and yeah yeah you know the rest!

Cat said...

I do the same thing if I'm home by myself. But if it's the door I normally call mom and have her on the phone with me. Also, if I'm in a dark parking lot I call someone to talk to so I don't feel as scared. So you are not the only 'nut' or 'pansy' out there! Promise!!

EvilAngel1 said...

I must admit I am the same way if I am home alone and I am not expecting anyone I deffinately don't answer the door you never know who it's gonna be.

April Merritts said...

I'd totally do the same thing, Sarah! Being in a different country and home alone must be scary! At least you had Bear and Moose there. Even if they aren't fighters, you weren't completely alone!


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