October 15, 2009

A Minor Set Back

So, last night I had a set back in my progress of staying alone in a "haunted" house.  I was doing so well too, just the night before I was applauding myself for being such a trooper. 
After my first week alone, the hubbs and I took some action to help me feel more comfortable here while he was flying, and it really seemed to help out.  Every time he flew after that, I had no problems what so ever.  I did my normal night time routine before bed and slept soundly at night.  The dogs kept there normal routine too.  I didn't allow them to sleep upstairs with me anymore after that first week. 
Well, last night the pups and I were hanging out downstairs, when we all started to hear noises coming from upstairs.  Now, I know it wasn't my mind playing tricks on me because the dogs heard the noises too.  I tried to brush it off.  I kept telling myself that there was nothing going on that it was probably our neighbors or something.  Well, a few minutes later, we all heard more noises, but louder and a bit creepier.  Ugh.  So, I picked up the phone and called the hubbs.  I knew he would be able to calm me down. 
Here's how the conversation went down.
*Ring Ring*
Hubbs- Hello
Sarah- Hey, um... are you still driving?  Like is everyone around you right now?
Hubbs- Yeah... why?
Sarah-  Ummmm, ok.  So, don't say anything out load, because I don't want everyone to think I am crazy or anything, but... I am hearing things again.  Like, really, I am.  And the dogs are hearing the noises too.  Eeek!  Hubbs, I am freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hubbs- Sarah, I can't talk right now.  I am driving a 15 passenger van on the interstate and it is pouring down rain.  Can you call me back in like 30 minutes?
Sarah- Seriously?
HubbsBrian- Yeah. 
Sarah- Brian, I am freaking out right now!  I need you to calm me down!  Please!
Hubbs- Sarah, I have got to go.  Call me in 30 minutes.  Ok?  Kloveyoubye!
So, what did I do?  I picked up the phone, called my Meme {my grandmother}, took the gate down that blocks the dogs from going upstairs, grabbed the biggest knife I could find, and then me, the dogs, Meme, and my knife headed up the stairs.  {I know what you are thinking.  Sarah, you are an idiot.  How the heck is a knife going to protect you from a ghost?  Well, it's all I could come up with.}
After I had checked every single nook and cranny of the upstairs, I decided the dogs would be sleeping upstairs with me.  So, I grabbed their beds, got the dogs all situated in my room, and tried to fall asleep.  Right before I drifted off, I looked over at the dogs laying on their beds to make sure they were ok.  Sure enough, they were fast asleep.  I eventually fell asleep... 
I woke up to something to this morning that is a BIG NO-NO in my house.

"Well, Good Morning to you Bear, you little stinker!
I am glad that you enjoyed sleeping in my bed last night.
Please, don't let me disturb you."


Brittney said...

I'm just laughing that you called meme to calm you down!!! thats funny she is one of the more"freak out" people I know!!

Debra Lee said...

Oh how cute! Now what are you going to do?!

Britney Jean said...

i applaud you for actually being able to sleep alone. seriously...i could NEVER do that. when my hubby goes camping/hunting for ONE night I have to call a friend to sleep over. i'm such a wimp. i can't even be home alone after dark without getting scared. it's terrible.

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

i would not have even had the courage to walk upstairs! you go girl! glad everything was okay.

your dog is ADORABLE by the way!


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