October 13, 2009

Together & Apart

Mine and the hubb's two year anniversary is one week away. 
I still can't believe it has been two years since we said our vows, and over three years since we first met.
Before the hubbs left for BMT, he gave me a gift.  It is something that both of us have with us at all times. 
When I opened the jewelry box, and saw what the necklace read, I looked up at the hubbs and saw that he already had his on.  We have worn the necklaces for our entire relationship. 

There is also another "necklace" the hubbs and I keep with us at all times. 
Brian's Dog Tags.

These two items hold a special place in my heart.
I love my husband to the moon and back.
I am so blessed to be married to the most amzing man ever!
So, here's to two years of marriage, three years in the military, and a lifetime of keepsakes & love!


The McNeely Family said...

I just love your blogs.. You and your husband are so sweet and I am so thankful we have families like yours to keep mine safe and sound. =) happy Anniversary!!!!!

Megan Haney said...

I seriously love this. I still have chills on my arms Sarah. Beautiful! You really need to join OPLOVE, please?!

Debra Lee said...

Happy Anniversary you two! God Bless you both! P.S. Wonderful Job Sarah!


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