September 5, 2009

Umm, yeah...

I never thought this day would come. I actually never wanted it to come.
{Deep breath, Sarah}
I am now addicted to Twilight.
I know, I know. What has come over me?! I admit, I really thought everyone who was going "ga-ga" over this Edward dude was out of their mind. 
But, I caved. 
I had Brian pick up a copy of the book while he was in the States this past week. I was a little reluctant & little excited to start the book. I started reading it on Friday and could not put it down. As soon as I finished reading the first book in the series I was out the door heading towards the book store on base. I had to read on! {I was a little embarrassed, I must admit, when I asked an associate at the store where I could find the Twilight Series.} I was bummed when I was told that they will not be getting in the books until sometime next week!  Ugh.  I knew the movie was out so I decided to go to the BX to pick it up hoping it would give me a "fix" until I could read on. I couldn't find the movie either!! Ahh!! I am so distraught right now. The hubbs told me not to worry. He said just wait until the next time he goes to the States and he will pick up the rest of the series and the movie. Very sweet of him, yes, but he doesn't go back to the States until the 15th!
{Which so happens to be my birthday.}


Britney Jean said...

oh yes.

you caved.

everyone must at some point.


and i LOVE your header pic.

sooooo cute.


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