August 31, 2009


Alrighty folks...
I have been feeling a little "eh" about my blog lately, so I have decided to take a little break. It won't be long, probably just a few days.
But before I go, I want to share this video for a few reasons; Jason Aldean is HOT & my big brother is in the video! Well, you can't see him per se, but you can see his truck! You can't miss it, it's the only big truck in the video. He's 2 minutes & 30 seconds into the video.
If I am feeling down or upset, I always watch this video. It makes me feel a little closer to home, and to my brother.

{I love my big bruder.}


Jenna said...

Of course you'd take a break on the day I figure out you have a blog and follow mine. Shoot.

Debra Lee said...

Cool! Thanks Sis for sharing!

Brittney said...

I forgot about that video!


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