August 30, 2009
Here are a few more things that make life harder differ between life in the States and life if Germany.
Our sink is tee tiny.
Our oven is tee tiny too...
most of my cookie sheets and bake ware don't fit in our tee tiny oven...
and our tee tiny oven is in Celsius instead of Fahrenheit.
Obviously, trash cans are not tee tiny... especially 4 of them.
You see, Germany is a very green country; eco-friendly that is.
We have to recycle.  Therefore, we have 4 trash cans.

  1. {the yellow bag} recyclables
  2. paper
  3. biodegradables
  4. everythings else {trash}

I mustn’t lie, though. Every time I see an American driving a lifted & dueled out truck in such an eco-friendly country, I cannot help but smile.
 I like to live vicariously through them.



Debra Lee said...

I would have burned the brownies right off the bat!!!!!


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