August 17, 2009

Boo!! Ahh!!

The hubbs heads out tomorrow on his first reach mission back to the states. I must be honest, I have mixed emotions about it. I envy him because he will be visiting the wonderful company known as Target and a few other stores. I am sad that he will be gone. {But I can handle it. Three days... piece of cake!} The one feeling that overwhelms me is fear.
Allow me to explain.
As some of you know, my house is haunted.
{Seriously, it is!!}

A few days after we moved in I began to hear noises at night. I heard banging noises, footsteps coming up the stairs, and even a few eerie noises I can't explain. To top it off, Mooser would freak out in the middle of the night. I'm talking barking, howling, growling, the whole sha-bang! The hubbs really didn't think much of the noises, stating it was a new house, therefore, new noises. I wasn't convinced. While having dinner with Tammy & Travis, we brought up our dilemma. They told us the next time we go in our house, politely ask our visitor to leave. So we did just that. It seemed that our "little chat" worked, a few weeks went by and we didn't hear a peep.

Well... our visitor is back! Eeek!

From what I have been told, the area that we live in used to be a German hospital during the war. So because we are speaking English to the ghost, he is offended.
{Or maybe just frustrated because he/she can't understand us?}

With all of that being said, I think I will have the doggies sleep in our room while the hubbs is gone, or call Ghost Hunters International to come investigate.

What do you think the hubbs & I should name our visitor?


Brittney said...


Britney Jean said...

SCARY! i couldn't handle being alone.

our house makes random creepy noises also.

i hate it!

good luck!

Natalie said...

HAHAH this is such a cute post.

I'd name him anonymous.



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