August 16, 2009

"B Squared"

So I absolutely love my doggies, Bear & Moose. They are the "beez kneez." Since Moose acquired his cone a few weeks back, I have been snapping photos of him left and right. He just looks so darn cute & pitiful!

While the boys and I were hanging out today it dawned on me that sweet little Bear dog was feeling a little left out.

So, I present to you... Bear!

Isn't he cute?! Well, while I am snapping away, I notice Bear is being a tad on the reserved side which is so unlike him. This is what happened...

Here he is being all sweet & innocent.

{or so I thought}

then he turned to scratch an itch and I noticed something...

the little stinker destroyed my most favorite pen!!!

Don't let his face fool you, now! He is evil...

...and yet, I love him ever so much!

The damage. Grrrrrrr...



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