August 18, 2009

The Journey Begins Today Part Two

When the hubbs' orders dropped about a year ago, we were filled with so much joy. I remember when the hubbs called me at work and told me the news... I was hunched down right beside Lisa, and I must admit I was a little frustrated that he had called me while I was working. Little did I know what he was about to tell me. I knew something was up when he said my name. I could hear the excitement in his voice. He told me we got orders! Of course the first question out of my mouth was, "Where are we going?" He then squealed, "GERMANY!!!" I then began screaming. {Yes, while I was at work, with customers all around me.} Lisa asked what was going on. I told her. She immediately said she was going to get her passport! Ha!
{Now that I look back on that moment, I realize that's when I gave my resignation to my boss. Sorry how that went down, Blanca!}
We were thrilled about our orders, but even more thrilled about the hubbs' new job. You see, the hubbs had "applied" for a special duty; Aeromedical Evacuation.
Here is some info on what my husband does.
The hubbs left today for his first mission. It wasn't until he was alerted around 9 am this morning that it dawned on me, this is the reason we are here in Germany; to be apart of something that is bigger than just me and him.
The hubbs is bringing our soldiers, our heroes, home.

I am so proud of him.
I am proud to say that my husband is in the United State Air Force.
I am proud to say that my husband is an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician.
I am proud to be a military spouse.

{On a different note, I sent Brian with a list of things to pick up while he is in the States.}


Anonymous said...

Aww thank you honey i love you so much!

Karen said...

How exciting it must be to spend time as an expat doing something so worthwhile!

And I love the admonition against going to Sonic. That made me giggle.

Visiting from SITS. Hope you had a great Christmas!

Jenny said...

Visiting from SITS! And what a neat and interesting blog! I am a new follower! PS I love Sonic. Sorry.


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