August 14, 2009

Show Some Love

Alright everyone, I know y'all are reading my blog, but show some love.
Comment, follow, subscribe, spread the word about my blog or something so I can be reminded that I don't just have 4(ish) avid readers.

I will be your best friend forever.
Por Favor.

Sarah "Is that bad?"
Hubbs "It's your blog, do whatever you want."
Sarah "I know, I just want to be a cool blogger."
Hubbs "What does that mean?"
Sarah "I don't know, I just want to be one."
Hubbs (to himself) "I have a special wife."


Nathan said...

Brian's right theres no doubt your SPECIAL!!!! Love you baby.

Lane said...

"COOL" blogger....?
just showin some love...i read ur happy yo

Britney Jean said...

hiiiiii. i just found your blog, read this and knew immediately that we need to be blog friends.


because i had pretty much that exact same conversation with my husband last night.



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