June 30, 2009

Some People Kill Me

So the hubbs and I went to the commissary today, and I left there really bothered. At every commissary, there is someone who bags your groceries and loads them into your car. The bagger we had today was a teenage girl in high school. As we were walking she asked me about my t-shirt.
Anyone I spend time with, has probably seen me in this shirt multiple times. A royal blue shirt with the Aaron's logo on it with Special Olympics Tennessee under. I did help with the Special Olympics when I was in high school and that is why I got the shirt. I have volunteered for other things before and after the Special Olympics. And anyone who knows me, knows that I hold a very special place in my heart for volunteering.
Back to the story...
Well, I proceed to tell the girl that I helped out while in school with the Olympics. She then tells me that she has volunteered for the Special Olympics for the past three years. (I was thinking to myself, "That's awesome!") Then she says, it looks great on college applications and for scholarships. I was taken aback after she said that. I told her that just because you volunteer, doesn't mean you are going to get what you set out for. Well, I pissed her off needless to say. I shouldn't have given her a tip after her remark.
Ok, I might be wrong, but if you volunteer for something shouldn't it be to help better someone else and not yourself? I get the whole, but I am volunteering, that should be all that counts bit, but that seems wrong to me. In a sense it's like you are lying to whomever you are trying to help. You are there giving these people your time but you are there because you can put it on your college application, job resume, or military EPR. Come on! If you volunteer, you do it because you have a love for it. Just seeing tears roll down some one's face as they walk into their new home, that I had a part in building, is all the "Thanks" I need.


Anonymous said...

Sarah, don't let these people bother you and think in the past we have all been "that" girl!! Just a girl trying to find her place!!


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