June 26, 2009

All American Girl

The little time I have been in Germany I have realized something... I am DAMN proud to be an American! I know it sounds really cliche, but it's true. I have always felt blessed that I lived in such a wonderful country, but I never really thought twice about it until now. All of the so called "necessities" that we (Americans) have, are now luxuries to me in this country. Anytime I am at a restaurant, I have to ask for ice in my drink and make sure that if I don't finish my plate, I express that the food was excellent or I offend the establishment. There is no air conditioning and no carpet. I am not allowed to leave my vehicle running for longer than three minutes or I will be given a fine. So this winter, I can't go out and warm up my car before I leave my house. Just these few simple things, I have taken for granted.
So as July 4th approaches, I feel so much more pride for The United States of America than I ever have in the past. I have a "new found love" for my country as she celebrates another wonderful and free year.

God Bless America



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