June 11, 2009

Ok, I Am TERRIFIED Of German Bathrooms!

Okie dokie... Today has actually been a really good day, we went house hunting. We were only able to see four houses, but the last house we saw, we fell in love with it! It was very modern for a German house. It was 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bath, a HUGE living room, a very modern kitchen with a dishwasher (a lot of German kitchens don't have dishwashers), a terrace, and a rather large yard that would be perfect for the doggies! It is a perfect house for Brian and I. Oh, and the best part, THE VIEW!!! As we were looking at the backyard, the landlord told us that there were some more people coming to look at the house right after us. I started to get worried, and then I got really worried when the people "rolled" up and it turned out to be a captain and a lieutenant. After we left, the hubbs and I didn't really have to discuss anything, we both knew that we wanted the house. We called the landlord to tell her we wanted the house and to put a hold on it before the other people could "make a move". Well, when the hubbs called, the landlord told us that she still has at least three other people coming to look at the house and to call back on Sunday! I a little bothered by that. I was like, Hello do these people not realize that we want the house, we will sign the contract, they don't have to keep searching for a tenant? I was then informed by our sponsor and his girlfriend, that is the German culture. They aren't just looking for someone to take over the rent payments, they want to make sure that the tenants will take care of the place, the bills will be paid, nice and trustworthy people, and so forth... Once I thought about it, I mean, it does make sense, just not what I was expecting. These next few days are going to be so hard for me until we call! I want that house so bad, and I am really hoping that it will work out for us. (So, say a little prayer, knock on wood, do a little dance, whatever you may do, that we get this house!) : )

On a different note, we went to see the dogs today as well. I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the "little stinkers." I have missed them so much these past few days! Other than the hubbs, Bear & Moose are the only other things that are "comforting" to me right now. Hopefully, if we get this house we will be able to move in on July 1st and get our babies back.

After looking at houses and visiting the dogs, we went to our sponsors house to see what it looked like. It was a really nice place I must say. The best part... THE VIEW! I know, I know, I keep talking about the views, but they really are spectacular! I can't wait to see this place change as the seasons turn.



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