June 14, 2009

Home Is Where The Heart Is

Alright, so today was our "D- Day," they day we found out if we got the house we absolutely loved! I couldn't sleep at all last night. I felt like a child waiting for Christmas morning to see what Santa had brought me. I kept waking up, looking at the clock, and praying. Finally at 9:06 am I shot up from bed shouting for the hubbs to wake up. "Wake up, wake up!!! It's Christmas morning!" Ok, not really those exact words, but pretty darn close. The hubbs called the landlord just as she had told us to do. She then told him to call back at 6:00 pm, because her husband was still showing the house today. She also said something about having to talk to her husband regarding our dogs. I remember thinking to myself, "Great, there goes our chances," but I never spoke a word about it to the hubbs. I think he was thinking the same thing to himself.

The last few hours of waiting were gruesome! The suspense was killing me. Finally, 6:00 was chiming. We called, and just like our gut feelings had told us... we didn't get the house. The landlord's husband had already rented it out. At least that's what she told us. The hubbs and I both knew that was a lie.

Our sponsor wants to take us to Vogelweh tomorrow to try out its housing office. He seems to think we will have a better outcome. I am not buying it though. We have looked at websites, papers, and the housing office and we get the listings for the exact same houses. I think I am just going to call a realtor first thing in the morning. I know it will cost us more money, but I don't want to settle on a house, just to have a house.

Sarah: "Would that be considered discrimination?"
Hubbs: "No."
Sarah: "Crap."



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