June 10, 2009

I Think I Am Afraid Of German Bathrooms

Oh boy am I tired! Today was another hectic day, we did lots of running around!

Started out at MPF this morning to in process the base and it went on from there. After that, we headed to the hubbs' new squadron to meet everyone. Because of the hubbs' new job, the squadron building has to be on the flight line, so you actually have to drive over the flight line to get to it. I thought that was really cool... I mean as you are driving across it you are passing by all of the planes. There is even a sign posted stating that aircrafts have the right away... well I would think so! Ha! Meeting everyone was somewhat overwhelming. I can't tell you how many hands I have shaken today. The hubbs' "boss" sat the two of us down and briefed us on things to expect while being here. I was very impressed on how "tight" the squadron is, and how they really seem to care about the crew and their families which really makes me happy. At Cannon it seemed like no one cared about you. The squadron itself has a spouses club that I am thinking about joining. One Tuesday a month all of the spouses bring cookies to patients on the planes. I thought that was really neat!

After our briefing, we went to the housing office to start our search for a house. We were given a list of houses that met our criteria and started calling to make appointments to see them. Out of 22 houses only ten or so accepted pets, and out of the ten houses we only have four appointments made. We are looking at three houses tomorrow and I am trying to think happy thoughts!

I feel so bad for my dogs! TLF did not have any pet friendly rooms available so we had to put them in a kennel. I know they are being taken care of but I still miss them. The kennel is run by an older German lady who used to train German Sheppards as drug dogs. She said that she feeds the dogs sausages everyday! So I am pretty sure my doggies aren't missing me! But I can't wait to get them back. I miss my babies!

We set up our APO address today and we have our drivers test scheduled for next week. Things seem to be moving along at a very fast pace!

House hunting and a few more things on the To-Do list for tomorrow!



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