May 25, 2009

Please RSVP

Holy Crap!!! Jon and Kate Plus 8... all I can say is I am heartbroken. : (

So this weekend was crazy! Saturday I headed up to Granville, TN to see my Dad's cabin. It took me about an hour and a half to get there, but it was well worth it! I loved spending the day with my Dad! He is amazing! The town was celebrating it's "Heritage Day" and it was just really cute. They had inflatables, a petting zoo, great food, and car & motorcycle shows. My Dad had is Harley parked with all of the motorcycles, and perhaps I am a little partial... but his definitely was the best! After roaming around the town, we headed up to the cabin. I absolutely loved it! It was so "comfy." There was a little damper on the day... I DROPPED my camera!!! AAHH!! I was literally holding back the tears sitting on the kitchen floor holding all of the pieces to my camera.
Saturday night, Nathan, Brittney, myself, and some of their friends headed down town. We all went to Hooters for dinner and then went to Graham Central Station. It was a great night! We all had a great time!

Sunday we headed out on the river in Nathan & Brittney's boat. Even though we weren't able to stay out very long, I was able to just relax and unwind on the water.

My family had a Memorial Day party today. It was nice to actually be able to spend time with some of my family that I hadn't really seen since I have been here. Before the party I went to Best Buy to see if they could fix my camera. While I was at the Geek Squad counter and I asked the man how long it was going to take. He was like, "about 2-3 weeks." I was like... "Um, I don't have three weeks... I am moving... to GERMANY in two weeks." But it worked out, the weren't able to fix the camera, so they just replaced it there on the spot. Yay!!!

The hubbs went into the field today. He will be in the "woods" of San Antonio for the next 5 days. It is really going to be hard not to be able to talk to him. I know a week is "nothing" compared to a 6 month deployment, but it is still hard. Oh how I miss my hubbs.

There is a busy week ahead... pool, zoo, pack, and possibly get a tattoo!!! Oh my!



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