May 19, 2009

It's A Beautiful Life

Oh how proud I am of my husband!!! He did it... he graduated flight school. Not only did he graduate, he graduated the top of his class and is the only "Honor" graduate out of his class! He is now a flyer! With that being said, that means that the we are one step closer to moving. The end of our stay is approaching at a very fast pace.

Oh, and the timing the Air Force chose for us to leave... PERFECT!!! It is at the season finale of every single series I love!!! Ahh!!! I don't know what I am going to do without them! Especially Jon & Kate plus 8. Which the hubbs, Brittney, and myself are completely hooked on even though we try to hate it... we just keep coming back. Ha!!!

I am contemplating deleting my Myspace... I never talk to anyone on it and the same goes the other way... and I am more of a Facebook type of person. I am just too scared to delete it. Hmmm...

Did I mention that I am so PROUD (just beaming) of my husband!!!?

And... Blanca, I just wanted to let you know that I miss our talks that we used to share while everyone was at lunch, from the ones that were meaningful (not like they weren't all meaningful) to the ones where we discussed how we brush our teeth. Needless to say, every time I brush my teeth... I think of you!!! : )



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