March 16, 2013

Awkward entrance back into the blogging world.

I was in the middle of writing a serious post about current changes in our family but, I decided it was too beautiful of a day to write and publish it.  Another day perhaps.  An update instead...
Maggie is beautiful.  Almost 2 (eeeep!) and thriving.  

Brian is away at training and kicking some paramedic school butt.  

I am blessed.  The Lord has paved his path for me in such an obvious and humbling way that I can't help but see otherwise.  

Life is good.  

Of course it will be better once my husband is home and our family is reunited once again.  
Until that time comes, I will enjoy my one on one time with my hilarious and amazing daughter, two cooky dogs that drive my crazy, and the precious calls and FaceTime sessions with my handsome husband.  

God is good, my friends.  Life is good.  



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