June 19, 2012


I'm sitting in my new house surrounded by boxes and boxes, and packing paper, and packing paper.  Furniture is scattered everywhere and I have no idea what to do with it.  My garage is filled with totes that have goodness know what in them.  Some of the boxes in the house need to be put in the garage or attic until Brian gets home but they are too heavy for me to lift.  I can't find the stands and cords for the TVs.  Even if I do find the cords, how the heck am I supposed to set the TVs up?  Especially the one that needs to go over the fireplace?  I will figure it out.
I figured that unpacking the kitchen and Maggie's room should be the first rooms to unpack.  Kitchen, for obvious reasons and Maggie's room to try and get her back to somewhat of a normal routine and home like feeling.  As I am unpacking her room today and trying to find places for everything, I find myself complaining that there is no storage in her room even with a closet.  I kept saying that her room in Germany had more storage than this one without the closet.  Then I remembered that her dresser busted during the move.  Destroyed.  The thing just cannot be saved.  I will be reimbursed what we paid for the dresser but that still doesn't solve the storage problem right now.  Brian and I did buy a small dresser from IKEA right before we left Germany but it hasn't been built yet and it is really, really heavy.  Perhaps I can shimmy it into her room and build it and put it in her closet for the time being.
A few other things got damaged in the move but, they are fixable.  No real complaints.  Well, except Maggie's dresser.
I still don't have a fridge in the house.  It was supposed to arrive last Thursday when the other appliances came, but we discovered it was still sitting on the loading dock in Texas.  Lovely.  I am supposed to get it tomorrow but with the way things have been going with the fridge situation,d  I probably won't see it for a hot minute.  In the mean time, I have just been keeping milk, cheese, and creamer in a styrofoam cooler.  It does the job, but getting ice practically everyday is getting annoying.  The builders are working on the fence in the backyard right now.  I am excited and relieved about it and I know the dogs will love it once it is complete.  Which should be today.  I am even more anxious about getting the sod put down.  The dogs will love actually having grass in their domain.
Everyone here has been more than helpful and nice since Brian left.  My friends especially.  It's like we just picked up right where we left off three years ago.  It seems like everyday Maggie and I are doing something with someone.  It means the world to me to have people in my life like them.  My builder has been amazing as well.  Yesterday when the movers were here, and after the busted dresser fiasco, my builder could tell I was starting to get frazzled and Maggie was being a monster.  She was ready for a nap but I didn't have a place for her since the movers were going in and out of every bedroom placing things where they needed to go.  My builder just came right over to Maggie and picked her up out of the Pack N Play and walked her around.  He took her to go see what the rest of the guys were doing in the back of the house and played with her for about twenty minutes.  It really is such a relief to know that I am not alone here in Clovis.
I am anxious for my house to be unpacked and somewhat set up.  I have the uncontrollable urge to just run to stores and buy stuff for the house but, I am really trying not to do so.  I mean, if it's obvious things that I have to have then so be it but, as for actual decorating type things, I am fighting it.  I want to sort of "nest" in the house for a little bit before I go crazy with decorating.  Really find what I want from this house and how I want it to look and feel.
If you made it through that whole post with the obnoxious run-on sentences and horrible grammar & punctuation.  You deserve a cookie. 


Angela said...

I like your blog! And fun name! Give Maggie hugs and it's nice to know that everyone is being so good especially with Brian being gone!


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