June 20, 2012


Maggie and I are sitting at the table eating lunch at the moment. This hasn't happened in a long while. Well, at least a few months. I unpacked her booster seat yesterday and she was quite intrigued by it. This morning after breakfast and before I fastened it in a chair she played with it for a good 30 minutes. Seriously, she just climbed in it and sat there playing with the fasteners.
Last night, long past her bedtime, she was bright eyed and hyper. First I tried reading to her but she wasn't having it. Finally, I sat her down in her bedroom floor and just let her play. I sat next to her playing alongside and watching her. Back and forth she went from toy to toy.
Back at the table now eating lunch, she is completely drenched in applesauce and I believe she may have a goldfish or two hiding somewhere in her hair. Insistent on feeding herself these days, this is one of the first times I've sat back and let her go to town. No longer afraid of the repercussions of what may happen if she flings food on the walls. No maid to worry about coming in at random times to clean the hotel room and waking Maggie up.
I guess what I am trying to get at is, it's nice to see Maggie acting like a normal toddler again. For too long were we in transition phases and things were only in a temporary state moving from hotel to hotel. Mags is taking to the new house quickly and I am relieved she already feels at home.



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