March 23, 2011

Our Kind Of Love

I want my daughter to be born on a day like today.  Sunny and warm.  Birds chirping and bees buzzing around.  Days like today just make things seem right.  The hubbs and I started our day out by eating cheesy eggs and toast for breakfast.  Your day can't go wrong when cheesy eggs are involved.  Both my boys and I are out back just enjoying the day.  The hubbs and I will take the boys for a walk this afternoon.  That sounds like a good plan.  I brought Maggie's bouncer downstairs yesterday so the pups could get used to one more baby item.  They don't seem too impressed.  The hubbs gave Bear and Moose corn on the cob yesterday.  Moose just ate the whole thing, cob and all.   I told the hubbs it was a bad idea.  He said they would be fine.  I had to clean up part of said ingested corn and the cob this morning that Moose threw back up.  I need to remember to tell the hubbs that it was indeed a bad idea.  Two nights ago, I discovered I have a flip flop tan line.  I sat there and stared at my feet for a good five minutes just beaming.  Summer is just around the corner.
Last night I discovered cellulite on my thigh.  The hubbs just chuckled while I pouted.  I officially feel old.  At the age of twenty one, I can no longer figure out how to turn on my TV.  Well, not the TV but everything else that has to be turned on so I can watch and hear the actual 10 channels of programming.  I haven't watched TV in about two weeks unless it is on my computer.  Oh, and I can't figure out my blog anymore.  Or at least how to design it.  That's why you are greeted with an obnoxiously large picture of me and the hubbs.  After trying to figure out for hours how to resize the picture, I just gave up and went to bed.  I would pay someone to design my blog for me but, I am too cheap to do that.  Sorry.  
I talked to my Papaw Max last night.  Dear goodness, that man can make me smile.  We had the dogs groomed last week.  They made quite the impression on the owner of the hundesalon, so much that they made it to the groomer's website.  The hubbs and I just giggle and giggle when we look at the picture and caption.  Gah, we love our baby boys.  I need to paint my toenails before I go into labor.  But that's easier said than done these days.  I made sausage balls last night after the hubbs had been requesting them for weeks.  They were scrumptious. I want my daughter to be born on a day like today.  Things seem right on days like today.  



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