February 15, 2011


I am paranoid and I am scared.  

I am 33 weeks pregnant.  I need to get to at least 34 weeks.  

I have gone into preterm labor twice.  

The first time, I was 29 weeks and having contractions every 2-4 minutes.  The hubbs and I went to L&D to discover that I was 1cm dilated.  I was admitted.  I was given two steroid shots to help Maggie's lungs develop faster and meds to stop my contractions.  I was terrified.  The hubbs was by my side the whole entire time.  I was released the following evening.

This past Friday, at 32 weeks, I once again started contracting.  The hubbs had to leave, though.  He had to fly a mission back to the States and wouldn't be home until Sunday at the earliest.  He was worried about leaving.  I told him I would be fine and I would call L&D if needed.  I ended up calling L&D around 8pm that night with contractions every 2 minutes apart lasting for over 2 hours.  I was told to come in immediately.  I began to panic.  I was alone, and the hubbs was somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.  I called my dear friend Laura.  She gladly escorted me to the hospital.  Once there, I was told I was still 1cm dilated but, my cervix was thinned out and shortened.  I was told I would be staying the night.  Laura went home.  I was given a different med to stop the contractions.  I was able to briefly talk to the hubbs and tell him what was going on once he landed in the States.  The doctor began talking to me about NICU teams and whatnot.  I couldn't process.  I was afraid and by myself.  I wasn't able to sleep.  I laid in my Labor & Delivery room alone watching movies the whole night.  At 3am I listened to someone give birth.  (As if I wasn't terrified before, after listening to this lady terrified doesn't even begin to cover it.)  At 830am I was checked again with no changes.  I was told I could go home.  Laura came and picked me up.  I went home, gave my puppers nubbins, changed into pajamas, grabbed my husband's pillow, and curled up under a blanket on the couch.  I crashed for a few hours.  When I woke up, the reality of the situation hit me.  

My husband came home on Sunday.  The hubbs is not allowed to go on any missions back to the States until after Maggie arrives (my orders).  We are now preparing for our daughter to make an early appearance.  

By doctors orders, 34 weeks is my goal.  If I deliver early, the doctor is already preparing me for my daughter to be in the NICU for weeks.  

Please pray for Maggie, the hubbs, and myself.  Pray that Maggie doesn't try to make any more escape attempts.  Pray that I can keep her cooking as long as possible.  


Uniquely McNeely said...

I sweet girl! I know you must be scared to death! All alone without your support team! I really am sorry! I will say that many many babies are delivered that early all the time! A friend of mine had her baby at 23 weeks and her baby will be 3 soon and is striving! 34 weeks will be great!!!! Doctors these days are brilliant! I would be soooo scared to though! God will take care of you and that precious little Maggie! You are in my prayers and thoughts!!! Love all the way from the good ole Texas panhandle!!! =)


Jenn said...

Praying for you and Maggie, Sarah.

Debra Lee said...

Babe anytime you need your Momma, you can call me! Day or night! I can be there as soon as I can get on a plane too! Never feel alone! Tell Maggie to stop misbehaving! LOL! I love!


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