December 16, 2010

One for the Books

We had to take Bear & Mose to the vet today.  It was mainly just for a well-visit and to make sure their vaccinations were up to date but, Moose also had an ear infection that needed to be tended to.  Even though going to the vet with two large dogs can (and usually is) be a daunting task, I also find the whole experience quite comical. 
The grand entrance into the vet's office can be a struggle.  At least with Bear it is.  Moose it to oblivious to know what the heck is going on, let alone know where the heck he is so he is never a problem.  But Bear on the other hand, he is a challenge.  First he all sorts of excited to be somewhere new he is literally dragging you into the vet's office but when you open the door to walk in, it all changes.  He will take a few steps in the door but then he starts to walk on his claws.  You know, what we would consider tip-toeing.  After that he just stops all together, then he literally falls over dead weight on the ground.  Seriously, the kid knows what he is doing!  No dragging will do the trick.  We have to pick him up.  PICK UP A 60 POUND DOG AND CARRY HIM INTO THE WAITING ROOM!  It really is a sight to see, and of course everyone in the waiting area is sitting there staring at you enjoying the free entertainment or there are the few saying their "Aw, bless his heart!" 
The most hilarious part of the visit is always the waiting area.  Everyone is sitting there with their dog by their side or in their lap.  (At my vet they section off the waiting room by animal.)  Lets be honest here, most dogs are not going to be minding their manners when they are at the vet; they are either terrified out of their mind, or they are so obnoxiously excited to be in a new place surrounded by a whole bunch of new things.  Every pet owner is hoping and praying that their dog (we will just stick with "dog" because it's easier) will behave and not be the obnoxious one people are giving the side eye to.  You know, the ones where the owner is practically yelling at their dog to "SIT!"  multiples times and yet the animal has not only tangled itself up in it's leash but has managed to lasso about 17 other small dogs in it's web as well.  I'm telling you, the vet's office is not the place to try and show off your animals' trained skills.  
Then there is the actual exam part.  This is where Moose starts to lose his cool and he becomes afraid.  Bless his heart, he really shows off his "Momma's Boy" side.  I digress…  The boys also got their nail trimmed today.  So Moose was first and since I was already on the ground from holding him while taking his temperature I just stayed put to hold him in place again.  Well the little stinker could not handle it, and I was not strong enough to hold him in one spot.  So in came the hubbs.  Bear and I stood in the other corner watching it all take place.  I'm telling you, Moose freaked out!  I'm telling you, beyond freaked out!  At one point, Moose was backed up against the wall on his butt with both paws flailing in the air.  It was flipping hilarious!!  He eventually flopped on over on his side in an attempt to go dead weight on us, but they still couldn't control him enough to trim all of his nails.  I could not control my laughing.  At the end of the boys' exam the tech informed us that Bear need to lose weight.  Just a few pounds, but lose weight none the less.  I started cracking up!  The hubbs and I decided that Bear's weight gain is just sympathy pains from my pregnancy which made it even more hilarious! 
So, thanks to our visit to the vet today not only do we know that Moose has an ear infection but, Moose cracks under pressure and Bear is fat.  

To reward my babies for surviving the vet visit today, they both got their own pancake with butter & syrup (Spoiled, no?  Don't judge.) and a cup of Frosty Paws each.  This is how we kick obesity's butt in the Fox house!!  


Debra Lee said...

Would love to have seen that!!!!


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