December 20, 2010

Love Taps

I find that most of the times God speaks to me, he does not whisper or speak to me gently.  He smacks me up side the head with a 2x4.  (Or in this case, a box of taffy from Gatlinburg.)
Here lately I have not been in the Christmas spirit but, back in Fall I couldn't wait for it to get here.  Now that it is, I just can't find the giddy feeling I had felt back in the Fall.  The day after Thanksgiving my tree was up, stockings were hung, and Christmas music was blaring from my computer speakers non-stop and yet, I felt nothing.  I have been completely stressed because none of the presents I wanted to give my sweet the hubbs could be shipped to me in time, the BX had a very limited and picked over selection, and I am still waiting for the hubbs' "big" gift to arrive that I ordered over three weeks ago.  I literally have shed many tears over wanting to give the hubbs a good Christmas and not being able to do just that.  
But you know, it took getting a package from home today to have my heart warmed.  No, not because the box was filled with wrapped presents did my heart grow, it was because the package contained a CD.  Yeppers, a CD; A Called Out Quartet Christmas.  I sat down, imported it to my iTunes, opened the box of Smoky Mountain Taffy Logs my Mom sent to me, and then got smacked in the head.  As I sat there chewing on taffy, listening to Mary Did You Know, God filled my heart with the real Christmas spirit.  The True Reason for the Season.  
Suddenly I am not so concerned about whether or not the hubbs' present gets here in time for Christmas morning.  I am no longer worried about which one gift I am going to give the hubs on Christmas Eve after going to our church's Christmas Eve service.  I am more concerned about making sure my Bible is bookmarked to the correct page so we can read the Real Christmas Story before we open our presents.  I am more concerned about making sure everyone around me knows that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.  
Instead of having a heavy heart, I have one filled with such joy.  This burden has been lifted and I can now enjoy this holiday season.  Now, as I look at my Christmas tree, instead of looking at the presents underneath the tree, I am going to smile at my aluminum foil star that has now become a Fox Family tradition that I can't wait for my daughter to experience next year and for many to come.  I am going to look pass the paw print marked tile, and sit down on the floor with my furry babies and cuddle with them for a little longer than I normally do each night.  Instead of worrying about providing the "Most Amazing Christmas Ever" for my the hubbs, I am going to be thankful I have the hubbs to share Christmas with. 

Let us all be smacked up side the head this Holiday Season, shall we?

Thanks for the "Love Tap", Lord.  


Debra Lee said...

As I am writing this through tears of joy, happiness and pride, I just want to say how much I love you and how proud of you I am! Momma


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