November 19, 2010

Can You Keep A Secret?

Some of you know, some have suspected and secretly asked, some may have had a hint or two, and some of you may have absolutely no idea what I am talking about. 

Well folks, the hubbs and I are expecting our first child!
That's right, I am pregnant!  
We couldn't be more excited!  I don't even think excited fully describes our emotions.
We are so blessed to have this gift from God.

I am sure you would like the details, huh?

I am 20 weeks along, and me & "The Bun" are doing great.  I am due on April 3, 2011.  My pregnancy has gone smoothly and routinely.  I have been very, very fortunate because I experienced no morning sickness.  Most days during the early stages of my pregnancy I had to remind myself that I was pregnant.  I am still feeling surprisingly well, besides the occasional headache and fatigue.  I just recently popped (as in last week) and I have been told that I am all baby.  We found out in late July that we were expecting and only told each of our parents because I wasn't very far along.  We ended up telling the rest of our families when I was almost out of my first trimester.  The hubbs and I have enjoyed it being just a family matter but, we can't contain our excitement any longer.  We had our 20 week anatomy scan today, and everything checked out just fine.  The Bun is healthy and happy.  Now, some of you may know that the anatomy scan is considered the BIG ultrasound… as in you usually get to find out whether you are having a boy or girl.  Well, we didn't find out today… we found out back at 16 weeks!  I sweet talked my doctor to sneak an ultrasound then so the hubbs could see The Bun, and we found out then.  The gender was confirmed today, though.  

The hubbs and I can't wait to meet our little GIRL in April!  
Our sweet Maggie McKenzie.

Like I said, the hubbs and I can't contain our excitement any longer!  We are filled with such joy knowing that our daughter is healthy & growing.  We are so thankful for this blessing & gift from God.  


Jenn said...

Congratulations! I know she will be beautiful!

Debra Lee said...

I am so excited that I can finally express my excitement! LOL!! Seriously I am so happy for you and Brian! I love you both and know in my heart that you will raise her in a godly home as God has blessed you with the ultimate blessing he could give two people who love him and each other so much! I am proud to be your momma and will be proud to be Maggie's Nana! I Love! said...

Saraaaa!!!! Congratulations to you both you will be amazing parents! lol i miss our garage pow wows! Lol you mom goes to college!!! Will never forget that night!!! Keep in touch love and take care(:

Lynn Fields said...

Sweet Sara...we are so excited for you guys! I know that she will be a doll and our Mackenzie was thrilled that you were going to name her Maggie McKenzie! We love you and will continue to pray for a healthy mom and baby!


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