July 6, 2010

Thanks For The Memories, Amsterdam

The hubbs and I took a little trip this past weekend.
We headed up to Amsterdam for a few days.
We had a blast!

We spent one day in Amsterdam.
We spent one day in Zaanse Schans.
We did a lot of walking.
Our hotel room was tiny, modern, and pretty awesome.
We accidentally stumbled in to the Red Light District.
We rode the train back and forth from our hotel to downtown Amsterdam.
We went to the Anne Frank Huis.
We saw windmills.
We ate pancakes with our hands.
We laughed a whole bunch.
We bought 4 pairs {three of them are to send back to family} of wooden clogs.
We paid way too much money on postcards for my postcard collection.
We paid way too much money on magnets for my magnet board.
We began a collection of books of our travels.
We drank specialty beer at Gollem.
We watched the Spain vs. Paraguay game in Leidseplein.
We hung out {and drank more beer} at Boom Chicago.
The hubbs almost got ran over by a bus & a train.
I almost got ran over by a bicycle {or a couple hundred of them, actually}.
We didn't see any tulips.
We didn't get to go on the St. Nicholas Boat Club canal tour, which was a bummer.
We smelled pot almost as soon as we stepped foot off the train.
We never got used to smelling pot as we walked through downtown Amsterdam.
We did a lot of walking.
We didn't take as many pictures as we would have liked.
I thought every building at the end of a street was Amsterdam Central Station.
We almost ran out of gas, twice, on our way back to Germany.

So there you have it...
... a rundown of pretty much everything we did in Amsterdam.
I will post our pictures soon. 
{I have to sort through them first.}



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