June 25, 2010
I was born country.  {Anyone singing that song now?}
But along the way, I lost touch with my roots.  
While in Nashville, I realized who I was.  
I realized that I am in fact a "*Insert County Name Here* Girl".  And I am very proud of it.  

Well, not only did I find out who I was when I was back home, I did things that I never had done before.  Now, don't go thinking I did some marvelous stuff that changed the world or anything, I accomplished simple things.  But those simple things meant so much to me.  

Today, I did something for myself that reminded me just who I am.  
I mowed my yard!  
{Yes, sounds simple and stupid but, that was something I never learned how to do as a kid.  Don't judge me.}  
I am so flipping proud of myself!  


Debra Lee said...

Proud of you too sweetie!


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