December 8, 2009

a little note... my husband.

we sing songs together while we are in the car. we randomly burst out into song while we are unloading groceries and while we cook dinner.
when we sing a particular song together, we always end up holding hands, singing it to each other.
i am singing today.
i am singing to you.

i love you.

ps. someone was at our door today, and i actually answered! : )


Brittney said...


Britney Jean said...

you. guys. are. too. cute.

i love that you sing together and hold hands. so cute!

and i never answer my door when i'm home alone. unless i know who it is.

Debra Lee said...

Ah, so sweet! And I am proud of you for opening the door!

Ellie Great said...

Merry Christmas!


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