November 17, 2009

Dirty Laundry

The hubbs and I have discovered the joys of the Laundromat. I mean, we always knew about the Laundromat on base, but we just never used it. About a month ago, I just couldn't take it any longer. I refused to wash one more load of clothes in my German washing machine. {It takes 4 hours to wash and dry one load of clothes.} So, we loaded up my Jeep and headed off to the Laundromat at 9 pm on a Saturday night. {I know, we are party animals.}
We are now addicted to that place. I absolutely love it. Seriously, who wouldn't love getting all of their laundry done in about 3 hours and save some money on your water bill?
Well, I have to admit, my favorite part of the Laundromat experience is the people. Seriously, the people you will see is an experience in it's own! It really amazes me. The first time we went, I had an awesome conversation with a woman who had lived in Germany for over 20 years with her husband. We talked the entire time we were there. Our second trip nothing too much happened. It was just busier than our first time. A gentleman did mistake our clothes for his, though. That was kind of funny. So we ended having a conversation with him about how he sometimes mistakes other people's carts at the commissary for his. Our last trip has been the most upbeat of all. The Laundromat was packed! People were posted up on top of the folding tables, it was so packed. The hubbs and I ended up having to sit on washers.
There were plenty of washers open, but all of the dryers were running. We figured that a dryer would open up soon enough for our clothes. We were mistaken. We sat there for a quite a while waiting for a dryer. If any of you are friends with me on the Book of Face, then you probably saw a status update of mine stating that, "I was about to commandeer some dryers." Well, I wasn't trying to be facetious. We ended up waiting almost an hour for a dryer to open up.
The hubbs then decided to play a little defense. He was standing guard of some dryers with a basket full of our wet laundry. I'm telling you, there was about to be a "throw down" for a dang dryer.
I lost it.
I had to go sit in the car for a minute to calm myself down, I couldn't stop laughing. And I really didn't want to see my husband fight to the death for a dryer. Once I got all of my giggles out, I walked back into the Laundromat to see if my husband prevailed in his war. Sure enough he had. I was surprised that no one had lost any fingers or toes during the battle.

So, if you ever see the hubbs and I at the Laundromat, you have been warned. My husband can and will fight for a dang dryer.


April Merritts said...

That was hilarious! :) My favorite part was where your hubby was about to start a brawl over the dryers.
I know how it feels with the dryers, too. It's one of the downsides of dorm life. The only thing worse is when you're just two seconds past the hour it takes for your clothing to dry, and someone's already thrown it out into a pile on the folding tables. (Sorry, had to go on a mini-rant there! Hope all is well!)

Alexa Mae said...

hey girl!! had to stop by and say hi. i LOVED this post. it is hilarious and it made me laugh. have a great week and steer clear of laundromats....hehe.


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