September 9, 2009


In light of today's date, I thought I would share 9 tidbits about myself.
1. Since I can remember, I have always pinched people's elbow skin.  Weird, I know.
2. My name is properly pronounced as "Sayrah."
3.The movie Tombstone brings joy into my life.
4. I snap my fingers.  Constantly. 
5. I drive a Jeep with a kick butt sunroof.
6. I am a perfectionist.  If I am writing something and my hand writing gets too sloppy, I will start over and re-write the whole thing.
7. I have seen a buffalo on the side of the interstate in New Mexico.
8. I eat at least one bowl of cereal everyday.
9. "If you don't have anything nice to say, come sit by me."  


Julia Prince said...

This just made me smile because to this day you're the only person who ever pinched my elbow skin :)

brittnate said...

ummm you have to get that snapping thing together before you come back I HATE IT!!!

Debra Lee said...

You can pinch my elbow anytime girlie girl!

Debra Lee said...

Who would give you a name like that? tee hee

Lauren Elizabeth Crazypants said...

you eat at least a bowl of cereal everyday?! meeee toooo!

cereal sistas!

cute blog!


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