August 23, 2009

Oh Dear...

I was watching the show 7th Heaven the other night.
{Yes, I know what you are thinking. Shhh!}
While I was learning some of life's lessons, one of the characters said something that stuck with me.
"... it's just like riding a bike, you never forget how."
Well, I disagree with that statement. Last summer while on vacation with my family, I had to learn the hard way that I can no longer ride a bike. The house that my family and I had rented out for the week had a garage full of fun things; two golf carts, boogie boards for the ocean, bikes, sand castle building tools, etc etc...
My family had decided to go to the pool one day, and I was going to meet up with them later on. As I was walking out of the garage, I spotted a bike and decided it would be fun to ride down to the pool. I got it out of the garage and prepared myself. I told myself, "Sarah, you got this! No worries." I was WRONG! I didn't have it. I got on the bike, started pedaling, and BAM, I fell over. Geez! I picked up the bike, put it back in the garage, and walked to the pool with my head hung low.


Britney Jean said...


i rode my bike for the first time in YEARS a couple months ago.

it was actually scary.

i didn't know what i was doing.


Debra Lee said...

I didn't know that, did I? So, sorry!

Brittney said...

The bike incident was actually pretty funny and it wasent that bad!! I just remember Nathan and I laughing at you till we were almost crying!!


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