August 25, 2009

It's Electrifying

So, I figured that I would show everyone some of the things the hubbs and I use everyday that allow us to use our American electronics. You see, German outlets run off of 220v, while American outlets run off of 110v.
So, it presents a bit of a problem when trying to do day to day activities.
Ok, I know windows have nothing to do with electronics, but the windows in our home act as our air conditioning.

The window in the locked & closed position.
We can turn the handle to the middle position, and open the window completely.Or we can turn the handle up to "slant" our window open.
{I keep all of the windows in my house "slanted".}

Also, every window in our house (and most houses in Germany) have rolladens. They are like built in black out shades.

The European outlets & light switches in our house.


Everyday I use a transformer to convert my 110v electronics to 220v.
The things that I convert are not dual voltage.

This is a 1600w transformer. It is the biggest transformer I have in my house, and it is a BIG boy! It probably weighs somewhere around 30lbs. I use this things everyday for my vacuum.
{You would think that a company so advanced in vacuum cleaners, Dyson would create dual voltage products.}
This is a 300w transformer. This sucker is much lighter than the 1600w transformer. This one weighs in around 10lbs. We use this one while running our PS3.

This transformer is the baby. It is a 100w transformer. This one is about 2lbs. I use this one for my CHI and for our food processor.


We use adaptors for things that are dual voltage; like our laptops, TVs, DVD Players, and my hair dryer.

I will show y'all our tee tiny washer & dryer, our tee tiny oven, and other not so tee tiny things in a future post.


brittney said...

ummm, I get credit for the idea of this blog!! lol did all this stem from our conversation about electricity yesterday, that funny!

Debra Lee said...

Wow! I didn't know it was so complicated!

Britney Jean said...

that sounds complicated and annoying...

but cool windows!



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