May 10, 2009

Lets Go Make Fun Of The Trainees

San Antonio has turned out to be a great time! Being "reunited" with my husband is a great feeling. I feel at home again.

Friday we went to Lackland AFB, I wanted to see the trainees in basic. It was fun to see them all marching around, scared shitless. Not only did we get a few laughs in, we were also flooded with memories that base holds for us. As we walked around the BX watching the new Airmen, cracking jokes at their expense, it hit both of us that just shy of three years ago, that was Brian. I still recall the "butterfly" feeling the first time I saw Brian after being apart for the dreadful six weeks of BMT. Who would have ever thought just a year later Brian and I would be married. Oh good times, good times.
Saturday was a day spent drowning in sweat. Brian and I, also accompanied by his sister and her boyfriend, went to Six Flags. It was a great and miserable day. After Six Flags we all met up at a delicious Mexican reastaurant in Market Place. Not only was the food great, the margaritas were scrumptious too! : )

So I will be heading back to Nashville early Monday morning... I don't really want to go back, atleast not yet. But Brian will be coming to Nashville on Friday and I am already counting down the days.



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