July 26, 2010

Nashville Flood-Getting Out & Getting Back

We reached the interstate.  Hannah and I stayed in the truck as I watched Brittney venture back to the neighborhood on a uncut path.  Her and Nathan would go back to the house to get the three dogs.  Once a make shift path was cut, my dad and his friend came back to the truck and proceeded to take me and Hannah to his house.  As we were driving down the closed interstate, looking at the still rising water, I began to panic.  We crossed over a bridge right before we exited the interstate, I looked at the water and saw that it was about to start covering it.  I thought to myself, "Daddy won't be able to get back to Nathan & Brittney.  Nathan & Brittney will be trapped."  We had to take the long way to get to my dad's house.  The normal route was flooded.  What is just a ten to fifteen minute trip seemed like it took eternity.  I broke down.  I was bawling.  I begged my Dad to please hurry back to get Nathan & Brittney.  I was afraid for them.  I was afraid for the dogs, I was afraid for the house, I was afraid for everyone we knew, I was terrified.  Once arriving at my dad's house, he quickly helped me get all of our bags in the house along with Hannah, then he was gone.  I tried so hard to keep my anxiety to myself for Hannah's sake.  She had already been traumatized enough.  She fell asleep at home in her bed, awoke a few hours later to discover her toys were no longer in her play room, her house was bare, then to be away from her mom and dad, sitting in Pop's house with Auntie Sarah.  I put dry clothes on Hannah, pulled out all of the toys I could find, then, the still deployed, the hubbs called.  He knew what was going on, but I never had a chance to really explain everything to him.  As we spoke, the tears began to fall.  The hubbs tried to calm me down, but I wouldn't calm down until Nathan, Brittney, my dad, and the dogs were safe and sound in my dad's living room with me and Hannah.  

An hour or so passed, and finally, I saw a  truck pull up in the drive way.  "Thank God everyone was here!  Thank God my dad was able to get to them."  My dad ended up having to drive east bound on the west bound side of the interstate to get back to the make shift path.  
We were all together.  
The cable was out, and we only knew what was going on by people calling us and giving us updates.  All we knew was, the water would get in the house.  We didn't know how high the water line would be, but it would be in the house none the less.

The next day, Nathan and my dad left the house early.  Dad had to get to work, and Nathan wanted to see the damage to his house.  Every so often, either Nathan or my dad would call and give us an update.  "We tried this road, but it is closed.  So we tried this way instead, but we can't passed it because it is underwater," they would tell us.  After hours of trying many different routes, my dad gave up trying to get to work.  But Nathan wanted to go home, to his home.  My dad got him as close to the house as he possibly could; about five miles away.  Nathan got out of the car and began to walk.  It took him very little time to make it to the house.  Brittney's phone rang, she answered, and her mouth dropped.



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