February 26, 2010

love it when you call

the hubbs,
i was thinking about something today...
i was thinking about the times we would sit down and read busy bee lauren together. 
i was thinking about how you started to add "spice" to the end of any and every single word you possibly could. 
i was thinking about how i especially loved it when you said "lovespice".  not only was it sweet, i found it hilarious too.
i was also thinking about this...
... and how we laughed so hard at this poor fish. 
it started out as little giggles, turned into belly laughs, followed by tears rolling down our faces. 
and as we continued to look at this fish, it got funnier & funnier & funnier.
good times, good times.
i miss you, the hubbs.
stay safe.


Elizabeth said...

Such a sweet post. It's the simple things, isn't it :)


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