January 5, 2010

Crap Brittney, Crap

I didn't want Christmas to come.
I didn't want the New Year to come either.
And yet they both came and went.

I stood out in our backyard, waving goodbye to the plane that took my husband away today. I always do this when my husband flys a mission. I continuously wave until I cannot see the plane anymore. Today was different, though. He flew away on a different plane, he flew towards a different location, and he flew away for months instead of days.

My husband deployed today.


Brittney said...

Sarah, What can I do for you? lol Love crap Brittney crap!!

Connie said...

That's hard- I can't imagine what it would be like having your husband gone- but I know it was hard having my dad gone in Iraq for a year..
just so you know, I appreciate his service!! (and yours)

THE Stephanie said...

What a sweet post. It must be hard, but I have to say that as an American, I'm truly grateful for your husband and his sacrifice - and yours as well!


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