November 2, 2009

"Trick or Treat" or Something Kind of Like It.

Everyone is talking about what they did for Halloween. 
So here is the Fox Halloween rundown.

The hubbs and I didn't do anything spectacular.  It was just another day.  We got up really early on Saturday, hit up the gym, went to the commissary, and then headed off to Mannheim to go to IKEA.  The hubbs thought it would be a good idea for me to drive on the Autobahn either to or from Mannheim.  As soon as he brought up the subject, I went straight into a panic attack.  But, I did it anyway.  I ended up driving to IKEA.  I wouldn't let the hubbs turn up the music too loud, I wouldn't let him talk to me, my hands were sweating like crazy, and my knuckles were white by the time we pulled into the parking lot.  But we made it safe and sound.  I even got my Jeep up to 110mph!  But mainly I found myself cruising the Autobahn around 90mph.  I was so proud of myself!  The hubbs was proud of me too! 
So, we hit up IKEA and got a few things for the house.  We finally got a 220v lamp for our living room.  I was so stoked about that!  When were were checking out, the cashier started talking to me in Deutsch.  Even though I tried to look like I understood what he was saying, it didn't work out so well.  {I really need to work on my "deer in the headlight" look.}  Once he saw my face, he simply said "English?"  I of course say "Yes", listen to him to tell me something about paper, quickly put the rest of our things in the cart, and high tailed it out of there. 
The hubbs and I didn't expect any trick or treaters this year.  We were told by the previous tenants that the kids around here usually pull pranks rather than collect candy.  To our surprise, we had trick or treaters.  There were a few American kids, but mainly German children rang our doorbell.  We had absolutely no clue what they said to us when we opened our door.  A few of them managed to spit our "Trick or Treat", but most of them mumbled something.  We are guessing it was "Trick or Treat" but we really have no idea.  Oh well, we just said "Guten Abend" to the kids we knew were German. 
After all the trick or treaters had made their rounds, the hubbs and I passed out.  Seriously, asleep by ten.
Can't you tell we are some wild party animals? 

What did you do for Halloween?


Debra Lee said...

Hey, what kinds of candy did you give out??? LOL

Splunkit22 said...

Well, sadly, no Bell Witch Cave. We were going to just go downtown, but we ended up having to wait on so many people to get ready, by the time they were it was 130am. So we chilled at a friends house in our costumes. I had one beer. It was the most un-epic Halloween ever. But at least it was spent with some cool people lol

Amy said...

IKEA is amazing. I'm pretty sure all my furniture is from there.
And my parents told me that they got so many little pranksters this Halloween. For example: two kids came to the door and threw a water balloon in the house as my mom opened the door. It splashed all over the floor, then they ran away.
Hope you had a fun night!

April Merritts said...

Haha! That certainly sounds like an interesting Halloween! What kind of candy did you give? I have a friend who used to go to church with me who's grandmother used to live in Germany, and she'd give me some German candies after she came back from a visit! Very good, yum! :)
As for my Halloween, I didn't do anything remotely Halloween-y on the actual day. Just went to see Little House on the Prairie The Musical for my cousin's birthday at TPAC. :)


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