October 3, 2009

Impeccable Timing

You know how everyone tells you to stand up for what you think is right?
Well, this is what I am doing. 
In my previous post, I stated that I have the best brother ever. 
{I still stand firm on my statement.} 
I also provided a link about my brother and his heroic actions as a firefighter.  If you did not read the article, please do so now before you read on. 

A few days after the structure fire, a church posted something on it's marquee that has me "worked up." 

Before I go any further, I want to say that the timing of this marquee is very coincidental.  These words were put up just days after the news of the structure fire were made public.
Now, I believe that without God's grace, strength, courage, love, and compassion our firefighters would not be able to run inside of a burning building to SAVE a complete stranger.  I believe that this sign is not only rude, but also demeaning.  This sign sends out a message that these people don't care that my brother, and the rest of the Pegram Fire Department & the Kingston Springs Fire Department SAVED a woman's life on September 22, 2009.  Who do they think sent those men into that fire?  Who do they think was with my brother & Lt. Fennell when they found an unresponsive woman in her burning home?  Who do they think was with the men that continued to fight the blazes and diligently search the rest of the house looking for the woman's two children?
Now I agree {and know first hand} that Jesus saves lives.  But I believe that this church could have taken the opportunity to give thanks and praise to both our firefighters and Jesus, instead of portraying to the passing cars that the work of our firefighters doesn't save.

So, if you are ever stuck inside of a burning building, we shall see who saves you.

My brother saves lives.
Firefighters do save lives.


Debra Lee said...

Say it like you mean it girl! Yoohoo!

Brittney said...

I tried to email the church but couldn't find an address??

Ollie said...

I am sure this was not intended to hurt your feelings or anyone's feelings. I took it that it means only Jesus saves souls. We all know that firefighters save lives everyday, (rescue means save)

Merriam Dictionary
RESCUE: to free from confinement, danger, or evil : save, deliver: as a : to take (as a prisoner) forcibly from custody b : to recover (as a prize) by force c : to deliver (as a place under siege) by armed force.

Lots of people save lives everyday and keep us safe.
But the message to me is that the soul is of uttermost importance, because it will dertermine where you will spend eternity. It is about salvation. It was intended to be a Spiritual message to the passer-by's of Victory MB Church.
In Christian Love, Wanda

Brittney said...

The Merriam Dictionary also states the definition of save as : to deliver from sin b : to rescue or deliver from danger or harm c : to preserve or guard from injury, destruction, or loss.
This my friend is exactly what my husband proudly did on this day! So Jesus as powerful as he is, he is not the "only one who saves." The sign is not politically correct and can be intepreted many ways. Why was the term firefighter used and not doctor or pastor?

This is a private blog and the sole purpose of a blog is so that one can voice his or her thoughts, and opinions, if you don't like what you read then don't read it

Debra Lee said...

I wonder if we as Christians who know the saving power of Jesus were offended by this sign then how many of those who do not know the Lord were offended?


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