September 15, 2009

Fox Family Tradition

  I am usually really excited about my birthday, but this one is different.  I am in Germany and my husband flying the Reach Mission back to the States.  So instead of throwing myself a pity party, I am going to take a walk down memory lane and share the story of my worst birthday to date. 
Lets go back to Friday September 15, 2006; my 17th birthday.   That morning before school, I had a few friends over for breakfast.  My Dad made my most favorite breakfast of all time, orange blossoms.  What a great way to start my birthday... good friends and a fantastic breakfast! As we were all gathered around the kitchen table eating yummy food we decided to take a group picture. {Well, what I didn't realize was my Dad had lit the candle sitting on the table.} We all hunched together over the table, smiled and then, POOF... my hair went up in flames! Yep, what a great way to start my birthday.  Ugh... actually it was more like AAAHHHH!!!!  After the flames were put out, we all started laughing hysterically.  We went back to the camera to see if we had caught the moment.  We did.  But instead of getting a picture of it, we got it on video.  {If I could get a hold of the video I would post it, but I don't know if it still "exists."}  After that rough and traumatizing experience, we all packed up our things and headed to school.  Nothing exciting happened at school so I thought the rest of my day was looking up.  The school day came and went.  I pulled out of the senior parking lot, heading home, and looking forward to seeing Brian. {He was taking me out to dinner.}  I knew he would brighten the rest of my day.  So, I pulled off the school grounds, got on the main road, looked down to turn off my heater, looked back up and BAM!!  I rear ended someone.  Ugh.  AAAHHH!!!  I got out of my car to look at the damage and exchange information with the person I had just hit.  After looking at everything, the car I hit had no damage, and my car just had a busted headlight so we didn't file a report or anything.  Thank goodness!  I got back in my car and fear replaced the "oh crap" feeling running through my veins.  I had to call my Dad.  I just knew I was going to be in deep doo-doo.  I'm not sure if it was it was because it was my birthday, because I had caught my hair on fire, or a combination of both, but my Dad was not mad.  I was crying and apologizing to Dad and he said not to worry about it.
 Sigh of relief. 
I pulled in my drive way and there was the hubbs waiting for me.
Sigh of relief.
The rest of the day had more ups & downs, but those two incidents just paved the way for my worst birthday to date. 
Happy Birthday to me.


Brittney said...

You left one incident out, yeah it was pretty bad!

Debra Lee said...

Why do we always worry about telling "Daddies?" Most of the time they are not really the bears we make them out to be! Oh, and what was the other incident?

Jenna said...

I imagine it could have been worse!

Hope you have an amazing day today! May God richly bless you simply for being such a doll.

brian said...

i remember that birthday and the ohther incident! LOL i love you baby

Britney Jean said...

sad beginning of the day...

but happy late birthday!

Amy said...

Happy belated birthday :] I'm sorry yourhubby couldn't be with you on your special day, but it's so great that you have such a positive attitude!

Hehee your birthday is actually two days after mine. How cool :]


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