August 1, 2009

We Would Make An Awesome Quartet

I thought I would share:
During my time at Cannon AFB, I happened to meet someone. The hubbs knew this person, along with her husband, as well. Brian knew her through the golf course and I knew her through the bank. Well, this couple received orders out of Cannon, and to Ramstein AB. It was the routine good bye when they left. Little did the hubbs and I know, we would be reunited with this couple on our arrival to Ramstein AB.
Tammy & Travis have been a God send to me and the hubbs. They have helped us out so much. I can't even begin to explain how thankful I am for this lovely couple. I won't try an tell you everything they have done for us, but let it be known, I am so grateful.
Tammy, Travis, the hubbs, and myself went to Hooters last night for dinner.
Tammy and I had a little surprise when we looked down at our meals...

That would be a feather from our "fresh" chicken!! We brought it to our servers attention, and she then informed us that is normal to see. Needless to say, I won't be going back to Hooters any time soon.


Brittney said...

This happens to Nathan all the time in fact just last weekend we went to Hooters and there were feathers on his wings and I had to tell your story to, Micheal Morgan and his wife yeah they thought I was retarded.... and laughed that you got freaked!


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